Are you looking for a nootropic combo that can help enhance your cognitive abilities? Look no further than the Stamets Stack. This stack is named after Paul Stamets, who is a renowned mycologist and has been researching mushrooms for over 40 years. The Stamets Stack comprises Lion’s Mane mushroom, niacin, and psilocybin, all of which have their unique benefits when it comes to cognitive enhancement. In this blog post, we will dive into the details of what the Stamets Stack is, how it works, and what potential benefits you can expect from consuming it. We will also discuss the safety concerns around stacking Lion’s Mane and provide dosage guidelines for those interested in trying out this ultimate nootropic combo. So, let’s get started on exploring the world of fungi and cognitive enhancement!

Who is Paul Stamets?

Paul Stamets is a renowned American mycologist and entrepreneur, known for his expertise on fungi’s potential in medicine and industry. He’s an advocate for using fungi in ecological restoration and combating climate change. The Stamets Stack is a nootropic supplement combo inspired by his work on fungi that aims to boost cognitive function.

What is the Stamets Stack?

The Stamets Stack is a blend of nootropic supplements created by mycologist Paul Stamets, which consists of Lion’s Mane mushroom, niacin, and psilocybin microdose. It is thought to enhance cognitive function and creativity while promoting general well-being. However, it is advisable to seek medical advice before consuming it.

What is Lion’s Mane?

Lion’s Mane is a mushroom commonly found in traditional Chinese medicine. It has been studied for its potential neuroprotective properties and ability to boost cognitive function. It is also a key ingredient in the Stamets Stack nootropic combo and may have mood and anxiety benefits according to some studies.

How does Lion’s Mane work?

Lion’s Mane is a medicinal mushroom that promotes cognitive health. It may stimulate the production of nerve growth factor, which supports brain function and nerve regeneration. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that contribute to its neuroprotective effects. However, more research is needed to fully understand how it works.

Lion’s Mane potential benefits?

Lion’s Mane is a traditional medicinal mushroom that may have potential benefits for cognitive function, memory, and brain health. Its compounds may stimulate nerve cell growth in the brain, but further research is needed to fully understand its benefits. It could be worth considering as part of a nootropic regimen.

What is niacin in the stack?

Niacin is a type of vitamin B3 found in the Stamets Stack, which helps with psilocybin absorption. However, it may cause skin flushing and warmth. To avoid side effects, start with a low dose and gradually increase it.

How to stack Lion’s Mane?

Lion’s Mane can be combined with other nootropics to maximize its advantages, and it is advisable to consume it in the morning before eating. It may also be paired with natural nootropics like Bacopa Monnieri or Rhodiola Rosea. Before taking Lion’s Mane, consult a healthcare professional regarding its dosage and frequency.

How to stack Lion’s Mane according to Paul Stamets?

According to Paul Stamets, Lion’s Mane mushroom can be consumed as powder or capsules. The dosage varies from person to person, ranging from 1 to 3 grams per day. It can be taken with other nootropics as part of the Stamets Stack, but consulting a healthcare professional before starting any supplement regimen is advisable.

Where to buy Lion’s Mane and supplements?

Lion’s Mane and other supplements are widely available online from retailers like Amazon, iHerb, and Vitacost. It’s crucial to research the seller and read reviews before purchasing. Health food and specialty supplement stores may also carry these products.

Lion’s Mane Fruiting body vs Mycelium?

Lion’s Mane mushroom is popular in nootropic stacks, but the fruiting body is more potent than mycelium due to its higher beta-glucan and beneficial compound content. When selecting a supplement, prioritize those that use the fruiting body extract for optimal benefits.

Is Stacking Lion’s Mane Safe for cognitive enhancement?

While combining Lion’s Mane with other nootropics in a Stamets Stack is generally safe for cognitive enhancement, it’s crucial to consult a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen. Possible side effects may include rare digestive issues or allergic reactions. Always follow recommended dosages and don’t exceed the daily intake.

Tips for the Stamets’ Stack.

For optimal results when using the Stamets Stack created by renowned mycologist Paul Stamets, consider these tips. Initially, follow recommended dosages and gradually increase to determine your tolerance and desired effects. Ensure that you’re using high-quality ingredients from trustworthy sources. Cycling the stack helps prevent tolerance buildup. Before starting any new supplement regimen or stacking the Stamets Stack protocol with other supplements or medications, it’s always best to consult with medical professionals.

What is microdosing and how it affects cognition?

Microdosing is the practice of taking small doses of psychedelic substances to potentially enhance mood, creativity, and cognition. While some studies suggest that microdosing may increase brain flexibility, more research is needed to fully understand its effects on cognitive function.

Psilocybin: A brief overview.

Psilocybin is a naturally occurring psychedelic compound found in certain mushrooms and has numerous therapeutic benefits, including reducing anxiety and depression symptoms. The Stamets Stack, a combination of nootropic supplements with psilocybin, is ideal for enhancing cognitive function and creativity. To ensure safety, it’s crucial to follow the regimen under the guidance of medical professionals. Consulting with a healthcare practitioner before starting is essential.

Fungi, Mycology, and Cognitive Enhancement.

Mycology has long explored the use of fungi to improve cognitive function and boost mental performance. Researchers are finding new benefits for human health through studying fungi. The nootropic supplement combination known as the Stamets Stack includes mushroom extracts and can enhance memory and focus in addition to improving overall brain function. Proponent Paul Stamets’ research proves the power of fungi for brain health.

Niacin in the context of Cognitive Enhancement.

Vitamin B3 or Niacin can aid in improving cognitive function and memory by enhancing blood flow to the brain. Its combination with other nootropics like psilocybin and Lion’s Mane mushroom could lead to improved effects on cognition. Before taking any new supplement or combining it with an existing one for better results, it is always advisable to consult a medical professional.

Dosage guidelines for the Stamets Stack.

For optimal results with the nootropic combination known as Stamets Stack, it is advisable to begin with a low dose and then increase gradually over time. The suggested initial dosage is one gram of Lion’s Mane mushroom extract coupled with one to two grams of psilocybin mushroom extract per day. It is crucial that individuals consult a medical professional before taking any new supplements or making changes to their existing regimen due to varied bodily responses.


The Stamets Stack is a combination of Lion’s Mane, niacin, and psilocybin, which Paul Stamets claims enhances cognitive performance. While there is not enough research to support this claim, the potential benefits of Lion’s Mane for brain function and the use of microdosing psilocybin for mental health are worth exploring further. However, before trying the Stamets Stack or any other nootropic combo, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure it is safe for you. If you decide to try it out, start with small doses and stick to the recommended guidelines. For more information on cognitive enhancement through fungi and mycology, check out our blog on the subject.

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Last modified: May 24, 2023